ePoster #1500 - ISHA Annual Scientific Meeting 2016

Labral Tears in Young Sexually Active Women: An Evaluation of Patient Satisfaction After Hip Arthroscopy

Shruti Raut, MBBCh, Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM
Sachin Daivajna, MS, FRCS Orth, Cambridge UNITED KINGDOM
Vikas Khanduja, MA (Cantab), MSc, FRCS, FRCS (Tr & Orth), Cambridge, Cambridgeshire UNITED KINGDOM

Addenbrookes - Cambridge University Hospital, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, UNITED KINGDOM

FDA Status Not Applicable

Summary: Outcome of Hip Arthroscopy in Sexually Active Women

Purpose: The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of symptomatic labral tears on the sex lives of women and if there had been any resolution in the symptoms experienced during intercourse following arthroscopic labral debridement or repair. Methods: 120 consecutive women were identified who had undergone hip arthroscopy and labral debridement/repair under a single surgeon in a tertiary referral centre. A questionnaire was designed and sent to each of the patients. Data was collected on the nature of symptoms, if they experienced symptoms during sexual intercourse, if this had impacted on their sex lives and their degree of resolution of symptoms after the procedure, on a scale of one to ten. Results: One hundred and four responses were available. Ninety two women reported that they were sexually active. Of these, 87 (94%) reported pain during intercourse affecting their sex life. Twenty women specified that symptoms were positional, and pain was experienced in particular when the hip was in a flexed or abducted position. Eight women reported symptoms for days following intercourse and four stated that they are often not able to continue on account of the pain. Mean patient satisfaction with resolution of symptoms during intercourse was 7.8/10. Only ten patients reported no improvement in their symptoms. Conclusions: Labral tears do have a significant effect on the sex life of women. Arthroscopic debridement/repair seems to relieve the pain experienced by women during intercourse with labral tears, with a resultant improvement in their sex lives.